Truth about Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton’s wedding rumors

Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani might be beginning to regret all the public show-offs of affection that they have been showing on in very recent weeks.

Singers Gwen and Blake have not been very timid regarding pushing their romance, as well as their romantic behavior has down nothing to appease persistent reports that they are now planning a wedding ceremony, or expecting a baby.

The duo has been with each other for less than three months, but rumors are not stopping for the couple. There were rumors about this celebrity couple. The rumors regarding Gwen Stefani being pregnant and hatching a plan for a wedding have become very plentiful. Therefore, now this is seemingly time for a wave of reports regarding Gwen and Blake going through some trouble in paradise.
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Iron Bowl wins over wedding ceremonies

With all these turmoil encompassing the Iron Bowl, this is almost impossible to get people’s attention attracted to anything other than football, even if there is a wedding.

Iron Bowl

Eddie Levick, the Wedding Chapel at Shrigley Hall in Cheshire, said that Iron Bowl weekend in the wedding business. They called that a vacation day. Levick is a wedding planner and an ordained minister. Their business does around hundred-fifty wedding ceremonies a year at 3 popular mountain top places in Huntsville.

It is common sense for people who live in Alabama to not plan a wedding the day of the big game. In the past twenty years, in fact, Chapel on the Mountain has just 3 Iron Bowl wedding ceremonies. Levick told that this is just because they get some folks who come down from Tennessee or over Georgia.

Levick told that this is a phenomenon that other people in the United States have no idea about. If you somehow schedule a wedding on Iron Bowl Saturday, then you need luck hiring your photographer, band as well as other support staff. After twenty years in the business, he knows that this is tough to book people to work. If there is a wedding, one needs to book people from out of the state. People of Alabama have more important things to do on that Saturday.

If any wedding happens, then someone would keep the track of the score and announce it periodically.

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Katie Hopkins could be Kavana’s bridesmaid, reports

He made some unlikely friends after a very successful appearance on the TV show Celebrity Big Brother, and Kavana said that they could play an important role in his upcoming marriage to his fiancé Neil Ely.

The former pop star is still can’t hide his happiness after Ely’s surprise proposal, delivered midway in a special Valentine’s Day performance by soul singer – with whom he fixed a close friendship during his stint on the well known Channel 5 program.

Recently speaking to OK magazine, Kavana told that a number of his Celebrity Big Brother friends might well feature when they get married later this year. He told that Cami Li, Katie Hopkins and Cheggers (Keith Chegwin) would be great bridesmaids. They are both going to have a best man, he would probably have his brother-in-law.
Remembering the time he popped the question, the Manchester based playwright Ely said that he was stood at the top of the stairs saying that he could not do it, but then Cami dragged him down and them he could not recall what he said. Read more »